The smile that made my day


I was asked back in July 2013 by the organizing committee if I could help take some photos at the NL Special Olympics to be held in the St John’s/Mt Pearl area, I was delighted to do so! I started on a Friday evening and covered the track and field events in Mt Pearl.  All went well but there was one young woman who “voiced” her displeasure with a simple look when I pointed the camera her way. This happens sometimes, I understood that she didn’t want to be photographed and moved on! After a lovely evening photographing all the fun, hard work and joy I went home, sorted through the photos and posted a gallery on Facebook.

Next morning when I arrived back at the field I was approached by one of the officials who asked me if I was the photographer who had posted the photos. I was laced with apprehension, but of course I told him I did. He went on to tell me how the athletes had seen the photos that morning at breakfast and they were delighted to see themselves on line. They really enjoyed seeing the images!

Oh, and remember that young woman athlete who “voiced” her displeasure the evening before. This time when she seen me I was greeted with the most wonderful smile. We had a new understanding! That smile made my day, it was absolutely beautiful!

Inspiring and touching are two emotions that seize these moments and prolong the memories. I bet these athletes will never forget this and I won’t either.

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